About Us

Residents of Houston and Winona Counties founded Mound Prairie Mutual Insurance Company in March, 1884. The company operated as a fire company for many years. Eventually, other perils were added to the policy, as they were needed. In 1937, the company became licensed as a “Township Mutual” operating under Statute Chapter 67A. In 1947, the company contracted for reinsurance with Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance company of Iowa. Grinnell remains our re-insurer today. The company operated as a Township Mutual until July of 1996 when it received a license to operate under Statutes 60A as a “Statewide” mutual. Mound Prairie Mutual was the first township mutual to convert to statewide status in the state. As a statewide mutual, Mound Prairie can offer a full line of property coverages for the farm and home market. In the early years, the office was located in the company secretary’s home. In 1955, a permanent office was established in Houston, MN. A new office building was constructed in 1992 on the main street of that city. The company serves the southeast region of Minnesota.

Directors and Officers

Leroy Kohlmeyer

Jerrold Zenke

Jean Betz

Nancy Forsyth

Ronald Scheck

Patricia Gruntzel

Thomas Danielson

Board of Directors

Back row: Leroy Kohlmeyer, Ron Scheck, Tom Danielson, Jerry Zenke. Front row: Nancy Forsyth, Jean Betz, Pat Gruntzel

Office Staff

Vicki Hongerholt

Joe Hongerholt

Jerry Zenke
Amy Kulas


The Milo Runningen Memorial Golf Tournament

The Milo Runningen Golf Tournament has been held for the last 25 years to benefit local fire departments. This past year there were 128 golfers and a total of $7,479.00 was donated to three fire departments. To date the event has raised a total of $166,521.00 for 21 area volunteer fire departments.

Mound Prairie Mutual & Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company believe that well trained and well-equipped fire departments are a benefit to all of us. They not only save lives and property of those who have accidents and fires, but their efforts also help keep insurance rates down for everyone.

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